Light Fall – Andrew McPherson & Ann Parry

Andrew McPherson and Ann Parry

Stockyard Gallery, Foster.

Open daily 10am to 4pm

18 December to 20 January

Opening event: Friday 19 December at 6pm

This exhibition grew from a desire Ann and I had to try to capture the changing light through out an entire year.

My component of it has been to go to the same place at Walkerville North, once a month over a year and just try to paint how this made me feel each time. This is a special place to me, I have tended to go there over the time I have lived here when I am under some form of stress. I have deliberately avoided trying to make it perfect by not fixing them up when I got home, so they have become a story of both how that place felt to me each time and where I was at in my own life at the time. Some of them are good, some maybe crap but I have included all of them as it is more about documenting the process than presenting a body of fine art.

Ann has chosen to paint her impressions of each season with some very beautiful works.

I hope you will enjoy this story.

Andrew McPherson